W…as… Wedding – Outlander 1×07


yeah… it is Wedding time again..basically always..please don’t tell me ..am I the only one watching.. regularly..this episode..? come on don’t be shy.. raise Your hands…give me a rough idea.. did You see that.. maybe 10 times..? 20…? am I getting closer with 50 maybe..? or am I still too far…? I Plead the fifth :P I’m part of a wonderful group on fb and every time we talk abt, I get so many cool opinion, each one us of noticed so many shades of it, some of them were so touching, others so funny, I guess it depends on ours background and experiences we collected along the time, any case? I am always amazed. So now it is my turn. I am pretty new in #Outlander world, usually I read a book and if I feel like I watch the movie, or tv show, I always make a picture in my mind while I read, but this time was totally different. It happened to me to come across this wonderful series,I did not even know there were books, my bad. It was love on the third minute and on the tenth line, totally captivated, oh let’s say in modern way, I got hooked AYE. Why do we keep watching the wedding? There was so much expectation for this episode,but for me it went really beyond mine, in a positive way. The dialogues, the entire structure of the episode, the details,the embarrassment, the passion,the desires, the anxiety( will it be nice or bad,shall I do this, shall I do that) hesitation, expectation,uncertainty (will she/He like it?). The truth is that They are all feelings we actually experienced, I believe that at least each one of us strived for love once , or had a complicated relation once, that’s why we ‘feel the episode’ .We kind of walk in their shoes, each one of us for so many different reasons. There is a hero,willing to save a Lady in distress, and a woman who is divided between 2 destinies. I can say That the sex scene is really really well made,but we already know that,I Could say Sam is hot, ‘the finest’ as ‘ Herself’ claimed ;) but right now i just wanna say chapeau 2 the writers!! They did an amazing job and made me moved in a couple of scenes. Number one, the Kiss( the ‘im not a monk one’ …there is the passionate part and then he give 2 small kisses in the end.. it is just too cute!!! Number 2, Jamie claims ‘You have my Name, my Clan..’ we know the major symbol of the Clan is the Plaid, with specific colours, follow me.. last scene, after she gets the pearls, they ‘connect’ again, Claire basically took the plaid and rolled it around themselves, do you remember? yeah in my opinion that meant, they were now : ‘ONE THING’ IT WAS Her accepting His Name,His Clan, Him as Her Husband,we see A couple finally, not just 2 strangers. The destiny made them met, but staying.. has been their own choice. LOL SASSENACHS AND LADS.



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